Whats the best solution for a 17 year old girl?

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I would like to know what to do with my 17 year old daugher? I don't know if she is just spoiled, I know she has no respect for me or others, everything is "thats stupid", or I don't care. Now if you give her what she wants everything is fine and dandy. I know she loves us and she knows she will get in trouble is she gets in trouble, but thats the thing shes afraid to be get in ttrouble. She NEVER gets in trouble for nothing, never does anything wrong. Always tells me what shes doing when she goes some where, she hates to but she does it anyways. She is scared of something happening and then she would have to explain to her daddy as to what happened, she knows her daddy doesn't play. But me on the other hand it's different, she knows she has me whooped and it makes me so mad. I try so hard to be the best mom ever and do the best for her and her sister. But she has no respect at all for me. She says she does but she doesn't and troes to run all over me. Takes my kindness and stomps all over it. She always wants more and more, what I do for her is never enough. She and her sister have alot and the money tree is gone, it is not putting out like it use to and I can't seem to get her to understand that. She drives now and I can't seem to get her to understand that now it takes gas to put in that car, I have a car payment now for you to drive, I have insurance now to pay in order for you to drive. None of that seem to get into to her head!!! I do plan on her getting a job this summer so she can see what it's like for her father and me to get up every day and go to work. Her sister who is 3 years younger than her understands more about life then she does. I feel as if I am going on and on about my problems but I didn't know where else to go or who to talk too. I know I am probably going through teenage years and it's probably not going to get any better. She has a very smart mouth on her, everything that comes out of is answered in a smart manner or ugly tone, nothing nice unless she is asking for something for herself. She thinks we all are out to get her though, she had the nerve to tell me yesterday that she's unhappy, I really don't mean to say "the nerve" but thats the way I feel. I just cried and cried. She said she was so unhappy. I am thinking what in the world could you possibly be unhappy about? I am the one who is unhappy, I have never felt this way before in my life. I come to work try to do my job and talk with my co-workers and my stomoch has such a knot in it that I want to just throw up or throw my arms around someone and cry. I try to talk to my husband but he just says babe you need to talk to her. I NEED TO TALK TO HER, DID HE FORGET HE IS PART OF THIS TOO??? I dunno, somebody help me, because I am about to fall off the deep end - Sigh!!!!


Sarah - posted on 02/09/2012




No offense, but she does sound spoiled. If she didn't have to work for the car or for the insurance or for the gas, why does she have it? She's not going to appreciate or respect the work it takes to have those things if she doesn't have to do it herself. She's 17 and certainly is old enough to get a job to pay for those things (or at least 1/2) if she works part time after school. You need to work on your relationship though. Maybe you can do some mother-daughter dates and go to the spa or out for lunch. Tell her honestly how you feel, listen to how she feels, then hopefully you can bother better understand each other.

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