Whats the best way to start potty training?

Christine - posted on 09/14/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter Cadace (16mnths) seems to be ready to start potty training. She can take off her own pants and diaper, lets u no when she has gone potty, no longer wants to tolerate wearing diapers and stays dry thru naps.. I bought her a cute little pink princess potty that actually plays a little song when it sences wettness in the basin and i got her used to sitting on it so she isnt nervous around it.. Now the only thing left to do is actually start the potty trainging.. ay suggestions on how to begin??


S. - posted on 09/14/2012




16 months is still very young but she is defenatly showing signs and hay if it's right for her don't hold her back. My daughter Kaden is 23 months old and we are on day two of what I call potty training preparation :) any time we are in the house the nappy comes off and if he stars to go I sit her on the potty, if she wee'd on the floor I just say "no wee wee on the floor, wee wee in the potty" yesterday was constant puddles but today she had two half accidents on the floor she told me wee wee then went and every time I asked her if she wanted a wee she said yes or no (I am sooooo proud) but tomorrow could be a whole different story we'll see! At this stage I will try and stay home as much as I possibley can but when i have to go out I'll put a pull up on and straight off as soon as were home, for day nap's I will lay her on a protective sheet and nappies only for bed, if she carries on like she has today, I'll bin all nappies and I hate pull ups anyway so I'll bin them too and just wash bedding daily and take out spare clothes with me, kadie is my 3rd daughter and this has been my method with all 3 of my girls my first was dry day and night 20 months my 2nd was 2years and 1 week. I do think they get it the older they are and i'v always aimed at the around 2ish Mark "the experts" say around 18 months to something like 4 years. I think as long as you have time and you don't mind cleaning up puddles do what is right for you and yours :) good luck!!

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I just started yesterday, too! But with my 33 month old son. I gave him a choice of what colour underwear to wear and my husband showed him his underwear (grey) so my son chose the grey ones, too. I talked to him about the potty, but he wasn't really listening. (I didn't push it because I tried potty training 6 months ago and he turned against it and I'm just now trying again.)

He peed himself while playing and then denied that he was wet. So I said, forget this, and I just took off my son's clothes below the waist and we spent the morning playing outside and in the garage. He peed on the ground and was shocked. "Pee spill!" I told him again about how the potty was for peeing in and that way the pee wouldn't spill and I mopped it up, then we went back to organizing the garage. He started going again soon after that, but stopped midstream, shouted "More pee!" and ran to the potty, sat down and went some more. He very proudly emptied the potty on a nearby bush. He hasn't had an accident since he clued in what this was all about. So from start to "aha moment" was 2 hours, because I'd been giving him copious amounts of diluted apple juice and he was guzzling it. (he's not used to juice) He must have peed in his potty 8 times that morning, which was good practice.

He hasn't had an accident since then either inside or outside, (I put him in diapers for nap and nighttime) but I'm not really sure what to do next. What's the next step? Pants? Going in the real toilet? Who knows. Surely he'll need to do both of those things soon. I don't want to carry that potty everywhere we go, and it's kind of expected to wear clothes especially with winter coming! Also at some point we'll need to start washing hands. Also what about poops? Anyway...

Just start any old way and you can make it up as you go along. :) If it doesn't take, wait a while and try again later. So far it's not nearly as bad as I expected!

When my mom trained my little sister, I remember she got to pick out some panties at the store and my mom told her that she didn't want to get the pretty new panties wet, and that pretty much did the trick. A clever way to do it, if it works!


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