Whats the longest that miralax should take to work on a 19 month old baby boy?

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My son is 19 months old. He was breastfed for the first 13 months.
Around 7 months old he began having issue's with consitpation. The Ped did an xray on him ( at 7months) and said there was a moderate amount of stool in his large intestine.

He told me to just make sure that I was increasing his water intake and fiber.... That was that...

Then about 3 months ago, I noticed he had went from about 3 bowel movements a week, to not having any for a lil over a week. So I took him back to the PED. The Ped just looked at him, and suggested that I increase his fiber and water. By giving him the fiber one yogurt or cereal bars, and told me to come back in 2 weeks... Well I changed his entire diet. I did the fiber bars, cut out milk all together, only using soy. And I only gave him one 4 oz cup of that a day. I increased his water , made sure he was getting plenty of fruits and veggies, hardly any fat and processed foods. But still , no bowell movements. So we went back to the PED in 2 weeks. He decides to do another xray, and it now shows that his entired large intestine is so full of stool, that it is being stretched and it unable to contract naturally to have a bowell movement. So he tells me to stop the xtra fiber, and go on a regular diet and start giving him a half adult dose of miralax once everyday. Well I've been doing that for close to a month, and still nothing. I mean he has had a few ( excuse the term) 'wet farts" but nothing that makes me feel or think that its doing the job... We now have an appointment with the specialist on the 21st of this month... But I'm curious to know, how long should it take for the miralax to work...

Also some other info: The PED has me using liquid glyceran suppositories to get stool out, so thats basically how I'm able to get stool out of him right now. Please help me I'am scared and worried, I know this isn't good to not have bowel movements. please give me help for my son!!!


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Alisha - posted on 09/12/2011




have you ever tried a probiotic? My sister in law uses that on her little girl who is I think 21months. She just sprinkles the powder in water and that helps keep her bowels regular and not so hard.

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