whats the problem with a left-handed child??

Leanne - posted on 05/19/2016 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hey ladies I'm new here and thought id pop up a question &a bit of a rant, I have an issue thats really bugging me. Today we were out for lunch for my mother in laws birthday and out the blue my partners dad mumbled something to her so out of curiosity my partner asked what he said & it was him making a comment about my 2yo son being left handed. I did tell him that my son uses both hands so were still unsure which he is because he swaps around every so often. But he was like 'his primary hand is left' to me this isn't an issue wether he is right or left handed but I had a comment from a friend in the past 'teach him to do things with his right hand as you don't want him to be left handed'. My question is what is wrong with being left handed? Ps. Sorry for the long post. L


Dove - posted on 05/19/2016




Your partner's dad would 'have a cow' w/ my family... lol Almost every single first born male on my dad's side of the family is a leftie... My oldest uncle, his son, my other uncle's oldest son, my aunt's oldest son, my older brother... and my son as well. Even though teaching my son certain things was harder on me to figure out when he was younger... I'm actually thrilled that he ended up left handed to 'carry on tradition'. ♥

I have a daughter that uses either hand fairly equally and the other daughter is mostly right handed... but can also use her left hand.

NOTHING wrong w/ it and if anyone in my son's life ever tried for one second to make him feel bad or wrong or weird about being a leftie... that is someone that would find themselves being shut out of our lives.

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You are correct, there is nothing wrong with being left handed. My Mum, Husband and Aunt are all left handed. My Mum and Husband still use a knife in their right hand but my Aunt doesn't. That looks strange but it works for her.
There was a stigma years ago that people had to right handed like has already been mentioned but schools now encourage children to write with whatever hand they prefer.
Your FIL is the one with the problem.

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There is nothing at all wrong with being lefty. My husband was the only right handed person aside from his dad in the family. I write with my right hand but do other things with my left. I had one child who used her left hand up to kindergarten and them she just up and switched. Evelyn is correct it is nothing like it used to be, and if anyone made a stink about it I tell them to worry about more important things!

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I have a sister who is left handed, a son who is left handed and other close relations that are left handed. This day and age, if they are left handed in school they are left to their own devices on what they use to do their work with. My son was born that way as your child was born that way. It is not wrong. We are all different and unique. Using the right hand over the left was something that was done years a go...100 or more to be exact. My grandmother was left handed and in school her hands were swatted if she used her left hand for writing until she was forced to use her right hand. THey do not do that anymore. If your partner's family can not accept that then they can just deal with it...he is your child and you guys make the choices not them. Also a side note: My son broke his thumb on his left hand in a freak accident--was playing tag game at church after services and hit his hand on the handicap parking sign hard. He had to use his right hand to do his homework and he had a quick lesson in writing skills with his right hand. To this day he can use both hands for most any functions, and I can read his handwriting better than his sister who is right handed. My sister on the other hand learned to crochet and my mom being right handed had to figure it out left handed in order to teach my sister so she could learn. So it is not easy to adapt to a child who uses the opposite hand that you do but it can be done. Tell anyone who thinks this child need to be right handed he is the way he is and you are not changing that.


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Leanne - posted on 05/19/2016




Thank you for your replies, makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one who doesn't find this an issue. My son will always be encouraged to do things how he feels comfortable. I wouldn't force him to switch hands because of others. It just really bugged me and has been playing on my mind. If he didn't mumble it maybe it wouldn't have bothered me so much but the fact he did made it seem to me like they had a problem with it and tbh I don't give a monkeys if they don't like the fact he might be a lefty.x

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