whats wrong with my 4.5month old

Rachael - posted on 02/22/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My 4.5 month old has gone from being a great feeder and sleeping all night to refusing bottles, waking every hour and is really out of sorts.

She is a reflux baby and is on Losec. She vomits from one feed to the next and over the last couple of weeks is drinking less and less to now screaming when I put the bottle in Her mouth. I started her on solids once a day just home made rice cereal and steamed pear to try and help with the vomiting but no luck.

She now wakes all night long, pulling on her ear and seems frustrated. She has cut two teeth and is rolling over just not back so she is in a wedge in the cot.

Took her to dr and ears and throat are fine but losec dosage has been upped.

Any suggestions out there on how I can help her or what it could be would be great.

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