Whats your babies feeding menu?

Jessica - posted on 03/09/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




How much do you feed your baby?

How old is your baby?

when did you start solids?


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Chrystal - posted on 03/09/2012




My son is 20 months and my daughter is 8 months.

My son is a bottomless pit right now. Yesterday he had 2 cups of milk, bowl of oatmeal, bowl of cereal, an egg, a banana, orange, 1/4 cup cottage cheese, apple, almond butter sandwich, cup of green beans, 2 portions of potato casserole, broccoli, pudding cup, and 4 glasses of water.

My daughter yesterday had 16 oz of formula, 1/2 cup baby oatmeal, 1/2 a banana, 1/2 cup mashed peas and rice, a teething biscuit, a portion of potato casserole, and broccoli.

My son started solids at 5 months and my daughter at 7 months.

Kate CP - posted on 03/09/2012




How much do you feed your baby? As much as he wants until he's full.

How old is your baby? 13 months

When did you start solids? 7-8 months

He eats whatever we eat (within reason) and he self feeds. He only tolerates being fed if he can have his hands on the utensil at all times. He's getting better at learning to use a spoon, though.

Brittney - posted on 03/09/2012




My daughter is 17 months

breakfast is at 8a- usually 1/2 pint blueberries, 2 packets fruit snacks, 1 cup cereal of her choosing (including oatmeal) and 12 ounces chocolate milk, strawberry, regular, or smoothie

snack 10a- 15 cherry tomatoes

lunch 11a- 1/2 cup mac n cheese with peas or cauliflower and/or tuna and 12 ounces chocolate milk, strawberry, regular, or smoothie

nap time 12:00p-3:30p

snack 3p- (if awake) 2 cheese sticks, 10 cherry tomatoes, and an 1/8 cup teddy grahams

dinner 5p- 1 cup lasagna and 12 ounces chocolate milk, strawberry, regular, or smoothie

I started my daughter on solids at 2 months old, cause she was drinking up to 90 ounces of formula a day and I thought she wasn't getting full. I started out with cream of wheat and moved to baby cereals (she liked the oatmeal one), when she was 4 months old I introduced vegetables then fruits. By the time she was 6 months old, she was eating our food.

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