When a father claims to not have ever known of your child.

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I'm going to court with my daughters father for child support. He claims to not have any knowledge of my daughter so he feels he should not have to pay back pay. We already did a paternity test and says he's going to start paying. But do you think he should have to pay back pay child support? Its funny his whole family knows of my daughter but not him.


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Eh, as long as you can prove you told him you were pregnant, or at least tried to tell him, he'll be ordered to pay. (A copy of the first court summons and the certified mail receipt should be more than sufficient).
That said, if you have never filed for child support until now, he will not be ordered to pay back pay. They only have to pay back pay to the date that you originally file for child support. So if your kid is 7 years old, and you never filed for child support until she was 5 years old, he is not responsible for the first 5 years. He is only responsible for payment AFTER you made the original filing.

ETA: This applies to the US. Could be different in other countries.


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Ev - posted on 11/08/2013




You did not mention that you had told him that you were pregnant with his child after finding out you were pregnant. That is a piece of information that you left out. Did he know of the pending birth before hand?

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