when can my baby have milk products (yogurt, ice cream, etc)?

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I know babies aren't supposed to have whole milk till they're 1, but what about milk products? I saw some yogurt for babies that says it's for 6 months and up, and I was wondering if he could have that. He's 7 months old. What about ice cream? I'm not going to give him a whole scoop, but I thought it would be a nice summer treat. What about soy milk products? He's been fine the few times I've given him something with milk, I didn't give him a whole lot. I just don't want him to get a stomach ache.


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My opinion

do what you feel is best for your bub.

as long as you don't give it everyday and bub has no reaction to it, it would be fine. the reason why they don't want bubs to eat dairy products is because they could be lactose intolerant and I think it's difficult to detect. Soy product will be even better the other milk porducts.

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My bub has had a taster of ice cream - her pop stuck some on his finger and gave it to her. She has loves her yoghurt. We have occassionally fed her yoghurt since she was about 4 months old. She loves it. It doesnt have the same properties that whole milk have and is safe for babies at a younger age. I just make sure it is natural yoghurt because I dont want her having all the additives and sugars that the processed/flavoured ones contain. Like all foods just test her out with it slowly at first. If she doesnt have a bad reaction to it then its all good! If your bub has formula and doesnt react to it then they are unlikely to be lactose intolerant.

I dont touch soy products so I connot comment on them really.


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I started the Gerber yogurt bites occasionally at 6 months. I think cheese and cooking with milk is okay around 8 months. As for ice cream, I'm sure it is supposed to be age one, but I will say that my son has had a few tastes of ice cream, starting around 8 months. He's never had any digestion issues with it. Have you checked the website before:


They have lots of info on how and when to introduce new foods.

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