When can my baby move up to Stage 2 babyfood?

Lynette - posted on 04/23/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son will be 6 months old on the 26th, and he is eating baby foods already. I was wondering when they move up to the stage 2 jars. He is so hungry, he eats 2 jars of baby food stage 1 at each sitting. I don't believe he is overweight at all, just a very big baby. Please help me figure it all out. :o)


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Dawn - posted on 09/06/2010




it all depends on baby my first baby wouldnt eat the stage one or two foods... I had to just chop things up very tiny and let him do it him self. my daughter on the other hand loves all cereals and foods in stage one and we have started some stage two.. we also started cereal with both kids by 3 months as they were that hungry. Do what feels right for you and your baby.

Abbie - posted on 04/23/2010




I'd try him on stage 2, its just thicker. Or you can add rice cereal to it to thicken up stage 1 and see how he does with that. Its all about textures right now. My son used to go in stages on what he would eat, I remember one night he at 3 jars of food, cereal, plus 7oz of formula. But the next night he at his normal of 1 jar and cereal. Some nights they are hungrier.

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