when can you start giving solids to your baby? mine is under weight 3months old. help


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Raye - posted on 02/02/2016




Lindasue, Grains/cereals are not able to be digested by babies this young. That would only cause the child to continue being underweight, because their belly would be full of stuff that gives absolutely NO nutritional value instead of proper foods that the baby can easily digest. Breastmilk and formula only is best until 6 months. Then solids given only for the child to learn about new flavors and textures until around 12 months.

Lindasuedean - posted on 02/02/2016




You can add baby cereal to bottles a teaspoon got any future references to anyone who sees this

Sarah - posted on 03/05/2014




If yours is underweight I would talk to your doc. and see what he suggests. Solids are not to be started until at least 4 months and dome docs now recommend waiting until 6 mos. If baby is underweight best thing is formula or breastmilk as that is what carries all the nutrients for babies. Solids have very little nutritional value at that age.

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