When did you start showing?

Chelsey - posted on 01/07/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm roughly 6-7 weeks pregnant, before the pregnancy I weighed 6 stone 4 pounds now I way 7 stone but I have kept the same diet and have watched what I eat very carefully, my best friend says you can see a little but of a bump and I've grown out of my clothes! This is my first pregnancy and I read that it depends on where the baby is laying most of the time and where the egg implanted in your uterus, I've also read that some people start showing really early in their first pregnancy but then don't start showing till they are far along in their second pregnancy? I'm really confused and I just want to know so that I can watch the growth to monitor if its a healthy growth xx


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Chet - posted on 01/07/2014




It depends on the mom's physiology more than anything. Tight abdominal muscles can hold your bump in longer. If you're short your uterus has nowhere to go but out in front. Some women also have a natural shape that hides or exaggerates pregnancy better than others. I think too there can be variation in terms of how a woman's uterus is positioned and how quickly it's inclined to expand.

I don't think where the embryo implants or the position of the baby has much to do with when you show. The baby is still pretty small and able to move around a lot when most women start to look pregnant. What shows first is often your other organs bulging out when your uterus begins to grow up past your pelvic bone and push them out of the way.

I would say that in general, short women show early than taller women, thinner women show earlier than heavier women, and subsequent pregnancies show earlier than your first. If you're petite and this is your first pregnancy you'll probably start to really show between 3 and 4 months... again though, it's very individual.

Weight gain can be deceiving too. A lot of the weight gain is retained fluid, increased blood volume, weight from the placenta (which you want to be large and healthy), the growth of your uterine muscles, the weight of the baby, increased breast volume, etc.

If your clothes don't fit at 6 or 7 weeks it's most likely from retailed fluid and your body starting to change shape as your uterus grows and pushes your other organs and up and out.

Zhaoyan - posted on 01/07/2014




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