When did you transition from infant to toddler car seat?

Katie - posted on 02/20/2012 ( 8 moms have responded )




My daughter hates her infant car seat with a passion. She screams hysterically every time I put her in it. It is not because she is lonely or scared because she screams in it in the house while I am right beside her, as well as if I sit beside her in the car while my husband drives. She has silent acid reflux but her symptoms are under control with medication. It is so distressing for me that I only go out in the car if I absolutely have to.

Has anyone else dealt with this before? I am wondering if she will like a toddler seat better. There is a rear-facing seat that I'm looking at that is suitable from birth to 18 kg with an adjustable incline, but it is really expensive. Advice anyone?


Sherri - posted on 02/24/2012




The recommendations are actually to rear face them till 3, but a minimum of at least 2yrs old.

Bent knees are not a reason to turn them early and actually bent knees are way safer than internal decapitation.

My advice Katie would be to buy the car seat you will never be sorry that you kept your child safe.

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I still have my 2 year old rear facing. Its way safer to leave them rear facing as long as possible. I think you should try everything else possible, like maybe getting a mirror so she can see the driver. Maybe try repositioning her in it, or getting a convertible toddler/infant seat to keep rear facing. I find the toddler/infant seats are more comfortable because of the positioning.

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Bent knees is not a legitimate reason to turn a child forward facing before a year and the new recommendation is to wait until 2 to forward face. It saves lives!


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Merry - posted on 02/24/2012




Try the rearfacing convertible!

Might be a better fit, and yes, rearfacing 3 years is bes for your child's safety.

Bent legs is absolutely no problem.

My son is 40 niches and safely rearfacing.

Brittney - posted on 02/24/2012




My daughter was incredibly long for her age, (22 1/2 inches at birth) so i bought a convertible car seat when she was 4 months old and used it rear facing until she was 10 months old when her knees had to be bent to be rear facing, she is now 16 months and front facing.

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My girls never had infant car seats. We turned them forward facing a week before their first birthday (9 years ago now, I'd never do that again).

My son was about 9 months when I switched him out of an infant seat. His seat rear faces to 35 pounds and he went forward facing at 3.25 years.... even though he's just 35 pounds now and will be 4 next month. :)

Jodi - posted on 02/20/2012




We switched our son from an infant seat to a rear facing carseat at 6 months because he exceeded the weight requirement (22 lbs) of the infant one! I know people who start their children out in the convertible ones from birth. The only downfall I found was having to take them out of the carseat when you need to get out because at that age he fell asleep in the car everytime we went somewhere, so it wasnt fun waking him up everytime!

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