When do I go from being a caring parent to enabling bad behavior?

Danielle - posted on 08/04/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




My only son is 22 and has pushed me to the end of my very LONG rope! His sisters think I have done enough, my friends think I have done enough, I think I have done enough...but have I? He has repeatedly made poor decisions that have affected the entire family and completely stressed me out and just when I think that I WILL NOT HELP HIM ANYMORE he turns around and does or says something nice or heartfelt that makes me think he might change if I just believe in him ONE MORE TIME...when is it too much? How do I ignore my own child's drama?


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 08/04/2015




Good Grief! He's got you figured out. Do you remember, when he was two years old? Did you teach him then that NO MEANS NO???
It is absolutely no different now. Of course he's going to continue to make poor choices, and stupid decisions! You always help him out of his bind. STOP!!!
Consider this: Your OTHER children have figured it out too, you favor your son.

Dove - posted on 08/04/2015




Does he live at home? Does he have a job and pay rent? How much help DO you give him?

He's 22... old enough to be paying for most (if not all) of his expenses. It sounds like you need to set some boundaries and stick w/ them.. no matter how hard it is.

Just to let you know... my mom usually does not say no when it comes to money and her children.... she is in SO much debt because my brother (41 years old) has one financial 'crisis' after another... and he even LIVES w/ her (he also works... so I have no idea why he has no money). He has always lived beyond his means because he's never had to fully deal w/ the consequences of his financial choices.

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