When do u think i conceived?

Faye - posted on 07/23/2013 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi, im hoping that you can put my mind at rest with any knowledge that you may have.....i will explain.... I had sex with a friend it was unprotected but he didnt ejaculate inside me or even come close. 2 days later (bang on que!) I then got my period. I always have a regular 28/29 day cycle....

About 2 weeks later (13 days from the start of my period) i then slept with my ex (he did ejaculate inside me) ....11 days after the deed, i got paranoid that i could be pregnant so took a test off ebay (those cheap early detect ones) however it was negative. ...I missed my period then took another different, more expensive test and it was positive and very faint (do you think that was because i had not long been pregnant? making my ex the dad?)

I have had my 12 week scan and the date baby is 12 weeks 3 days..but i counted that back (took off the 2 weeks they add on) and 12 weeks 3 days was the day before i had sex with the my ex so either the baby is big or the scan is a day or so off. I am now worrying that it was my friend who got me pregnant (although i had a period and negative test).

I know that sex 2 days before my period i would not have been ovulating and then my period came as normal. Also as i said he didnt ejaculate in me and my ex did. What are your thoughts???...Thank you sooo much


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Jodi - posted on 07/23/2013




You do realise the estimated due dates are exactly that, right? Estimated? It doesn't take into account the exact day you actually had sex, nor does every woman ovulate at the same time each month. It is based on averages. Freaking out about one day is hardly appropriate.

However, when it comes down to it, this is why we should make sure we have protection when we make decisions to be sexually promiscuous. You probably should get a DNA test done when the baby is born. If your ex knew you cheated on him with the friend, then he will probably demand one anyway. I know I would.

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Just to add it doesn't matter if someone ejaculates inside you or not you can still get pregnant if you didn't use protection (pre cum also has sperm).

Faye - posted on 07/23/2013




I forgot to say i also had a 8 week scan and this also dated 1 day before my ex. I have told both and will get dna but i just wanted a few opinions..Thankyou

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Those scans can be off by a week or more, and usually are off by a few days or more--, in fact, one day off is VERY close. If it came back saying you got pregnant the day before you had sex with the ex, the ex is most likely the father.
Of course, you will want to tell both men they could be the father and order a paternity test after the baby is born. That is really the only sure way to tell when you have sex with different men so close together.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 07/23/2013




I think that if you had sex, that's when you got pregnant.

No doctor will be able to tell you the exact day/hour/moment. They can only give you an estimate.

Likewise, all we can do is say "yep, sounds like you are pregnant."

I'd recommend a paternity test at birth

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