when do you change from car seat 2 booster seats!!!

Janice - posted on 02/13/2012 ( 7 moms have responded )




hhi guys my daughter is 3! was wondering what is the rite age height weight tochange her from da car seat to da booster seat!! any advise is welcome!!


Katherine - posted on 02/13/2012




She stays in a car seat in a five point until at least 40 lbs and 36 inches I believe.

Sherri - posted on 02/13/2012




My son is 5 1/2 and still in a Britax 5pt harness. IMHO he is not safe enough in a booster seat. Remember anytime you switch them to the next level you are decreasing their safety. So I would NOT switch her until absolutely positively necessary.


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Amanda - posted on 02/15/2012




I'm in Australia and the manufacturing guidelines for my car seat say it can be used with a lap belt from 18kg to 24 or 26kg.

Up to 18kg we use the 5 point harness, then it converts using a paracute clip so you use it with a lap belt.

My son is nearly 4 and nearly 18kg so very soon I will be looking at removing the 5 point harness and using the same car seat with a lapbelt

Jodi - posted on 02/14/2012




It pretty much depends on where you live as to the legalities of it, but personally, waiting until they outgrow the seat they are in is always a good sign. Here in Australia, a child must remain in their car seat and 5 point harness until at least 4 years of age, but my daughter was still in hers until she was 5 1/2. A booster is not nearly as safe, as only the seat belt is used, and it cannot protect a young child as well as a car seat can, so definitely try to keep them in a car seat for as long as possible.

Tee - posted on 02/14/2012




It really depends on the child's height and weight and the guidelines for your particular car seat. If you don't have the instruction manual still you can try to google the seat to find the manual or go to the manufacturers website and search there.

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My son is 4 years old, 43 inches tall and 38 pounds. I don't feel comfortable having him in a regular booster (the ones that just use to seat belt to restrain the child). The one we have has a 5 point harness and can eventually convert to a seat belt only restraint. The best way to answer your question though? It depends on what seat you're looking at. The instruction manual for each seat will tell you specifics about the minimum and maximum height/weight requirements. A good rule to remember though, is that the top of your daughter's ears should never be higher than the back of the car seat. If they are, then you KNOW it's time to get her into a booster. Hope this helps!

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