when do you give up on the one you love? when do you know to give up on ur kids dad?

High_4_life_78 - posted on 07/10/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




ive been with my man off and on for 5 years we have been up and down, all around in the last 5 yrs. But when do say enoughs enough when do you give up and just walk away. He hasnt been there for me like i have been for him in the last two yrs. Now hes pushed me so far i say im done but am i? Hes scared of something but i cant seem to break the wall to find out.

Now he tells me he thinks its best that his daughter doesnt know him. What do i do? Let it happen, let him walk away from somthing i know he loves more then anything. Im at a loss


Krystal - posted on 07/17/2011




I honestly think you need to just walk away. If he has said he thinks it is best his daughter doesn't know him, that should tell you right there what kind of person he is. Both you and your daughter deserve someone who WANTS to be there for you and WANTS your daughter to know him. If he is the one to walk away because he thinks it's best, then so be it. It's his loss. And he will regret it when he trys to see his daughter again and she tells him to buzz off.

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