When do you know if it's the bipolar, adhd, odd or just manipulation or behavior?

Carol T. - posted on 02/03/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 14 yo daughter started high school this year and her behavior has changed a lot. She has been diagnosed with adhd at age 7 also shortly after that capd (central auditory processing disorder) and a few years after that she started with the ODD. Over the past 2 years I thought there was something else going on with her (bipolar disorder) and was put into the hospital this past halloween. She is morfing behavior of kids at her school how are sooo different from how & where we live and the kind of average 2 parent family we have. Although these girls have been mean to her and hurt her she keeps gravitation towards them. Yesterday they got a letter that she wrote for her therapist (it was horrible but she said it was a dream. She said horrible things that we were hurting here and people were abusing her (in other ways). She ended up at the guidance office and them telling us to bring her to the hospital for intervention, which we did. But I told them that she was not a danger to herself or others ( I do understand the policy they have) but once I talked to her I knew she was not a danger. She has a in home therapist, a family therapist and a psychatrist who prescribes med and counsels 2x / month). She just does NOT do anything that the counselors and therapist tell her. She is now getting physical with me, 99% of the time she yells . I have her in karate, she has a mentor who she rides horses with (which is her passion.) I and my marriage are a wreck I am so overwhelmed and get depressed a lot and have no one here where we live to take her once in a while. How do I know where the teen age hormones the adhd, odd , bipolar are part of her behavior! HELP!


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I am sure the hormones don't help. If she was diagnosed with the other things, then I would say she probably has them. Obviously the meds she is on aren't working.

When I was a teen I was the same way. I'm embarrassed to say being the admin, but hey for you I'll be honest. I wrecked things, ran away, was violent, skipped school. My parents put me in therapy and did I listen? Heck no!

It wasn't MY fault it was my parents fault! In my mind everything was their fault. I was a handful. I may have had ODD, I don't know. They never put me on meds until I was in my late teens almost twenty's. I had severe depression.

Now I'm great and 37 years old. But I have 2 young daughters uh oh. I hope they don't take after me. Hang in there, keep using the resources and go to counseling for yourself.

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