when do you know when im ready for a child at age 36 having a teenager


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Raye - posted on 02/26/2015




Sarah, I think maybe she's 36, has a teenager, and wants another child?

Melanie, if you're not sure you want another child, then don't have one. I don't know if anybody is ever really "ready" meaning fully prepared for all that a child brings to your life (both good and bad). Even if you have had a child previously, each one is different. So I would say, when you know for sure you want one, whether you feel ready or not, then you should go ahead. Hopefully you are able to provide a stable home for a new child.

Sarah - posted on 02/25/2015




Your post is really confusing. You state when do you know when ( i am assuming you meant) you are ready for a child, but then you state at age and having a teenager. Not sure what that means.

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