When do you start baby food and which is the best to start with a fruit or vegetable? My 5 month old is eating a little rice cereal but doesn't love it


Sarah - posted on 01/04/2016




At 6 months you can start with baby food. Breastmilk and formula have all the nutrients a baby needs for the first year, so it is important to keep that the main source of food. Food is just for learning new tastes and textures. At 6 months you can start with either fruits or veggies. Some say veggies first as fruits are a bit sweeter. I started all mine with fruits first as they did better with the newness with fruits. None of mine had issues with eating veggies and are good veggie eaters today. You want to go with a single food....no mixtures of foods. And you want to feed the same food for 5 days straight to check for allergies.

Dove - posted on 01/04/2016




6 months or later... depending on the child's interest and readiness. Either a fruit or a veggie... not rice cereal. Some will say to start w/ the veggies cuz if you start w/ a fruit they won't want their veggies, but that was not my experience w/ my own kids.


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