When do you start bathing baby with out infant bath???

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My son is almost 7 months, have tired to bathe him in the sink. he just slips and slides. It makes me nervous. It seem so easy to keep him in the infant tub but hes outgrown it. He 30 inches long. So I need to figure something out. He can sit up but not for a long period. He leans forward or to the side.... He also hates his face to be wet, So how do I bathe him sitting up without getting water on his face. So When did you start and how did you do it?


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My daughter is 10months and I started putting her in the sink a few months ago but she plays a little to much so I bought a baby chair for the tub instead she can sit but it also supports her and gives her more room to play in the tub you can get one for cheap at walmart or target

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What I use is a blow up mini bath tub from babies-r-us with a little net type of insert (the child can lay down on this & not be too deep in the water), works wonderful for us. If my little one slumps over all she hits is the soft blow up side. It only cost me about $11, I've used it for both my kids. I have a really big 3 month old (25 inches, 15lbs) I tried the hard baby tubs & she kept hitting the edges, at least with the blow up one it is soft & big enough.

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I hardly used the baby bath because I felt the seat dug into his back so to begin with i occassionally used the sink, until he became far to big.

What I have done since he was about 3 weeks is take him into the bath with me. There needs to be two of you for this since someone needs to hand him across, then take him back as you cant get into and out of the bath with a baby in your arms.

I just use the baby bath products and wash my hair once he is out of the bath. Plus it means daddy has input and gets him changed for bed while I have a 20 minute soak - quality time for them, relaxing time for you!

By bathing with me I can support him fully without breaking my back and by the time he's too big to come in with me he will be big enough to sit in the bath himself anyway.

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I found the big yellow inflatable bathtub duck at Target was WONDERFUL for the transition. It was like a smaller version of a bathtub that went inside the normal bathtub. My daughter could sit up and splash around, but it was also supportive and I didn't have to really worry about her slipping around. The duck bill also squeaked and she loved to make it 'quack'. It was about $10 and I know they still have them b/c I just bought one for someone else. Thats my recommendation. Loved it!

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put your arm under his,right in his armpits and let him sit up in a normal bath. My son was about 3 motnhs when he was in a normal tub and my daughter was about 2 months. Both of my kids love baths except my son hates laying down now to rinse his hair...he's 2yrs old. MY daughter is almost 6 months and she loves to splash in the water.

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They might make a baby bath seat. Helps the baby sit up without slipping around. Then put him in the tub with the seat. I had a similar problem with my boys about that age. I put non slip grips in the tub, filled with little water, and held them while bathing. This lasted for some time, until I felt comfortable that they could hold their balance without slipping.

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You could try a bath tub ring. I know some styles have been recalled so be careful if you're buying a used one. The one that I used had an arm the attached over the side of the tub. I really liked it. I started using it when my son was about 5 months old. At first I folded a towel and put it behind him so he wasn't sliding all around in it. Once he could sit up on his own I took the towel out.

As for the water on his face, you could hold a cloth in front of his eyes and focus most of the water on the back of his head. He'll still get a little wet, but in time he'll get used to it. I'm sure if you looked in the baby section of a department store there would be some other ideas to help with that.

Good luck to you and your babe!!

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