When I try to feed my 6 month old he keeps grabbing onto the spoon, and putting his hands in his mouth. It makes it take forever to feed him. Not only that but he trys to rip off his bib the whole time as well. And anything he can get ahold of he will throw off his highchair onto the floor. Is there any way to make feeding time easier? Help!


Michelle - posted on 04/01/2009




HI you may have already tried this but let him have his own spoon so whilst he is trying to put the spoon in his food you can get some into his mouth.  He is realising that if he throws something down you are going to pick it up so it turns into a game. Is he ready for finger foods?( things have changed on the feeding front in the last 8 yrs since i had my youngest) just some thoughts. Michelle


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Rob - posted on 06/13/2014




Give him his own spoon or maybe give him finger foods just to keep his hands busy by the time you feed him. Use bibs with sleeves or maybe you can use those soft and pliable bibs so your baby won't mind wearing them.

Meghan - posted on 04/01/2009




I found that if you let the little one try it himself he will either do really well and get full or will settle down and let you help.

Rachel - posted on 04/01/2009




I agree with all replies above, My daughter is only just getting good at feeding herself at 19 months old!! My boys were doing it long before now! Let him have his own spoon while you have one also, He's going to make a mess, and more will end up around his mouth! Don't worry he'll get the hang of it soon, & if he keeps throwing things on the floor then leave it there, It is a game to him and Phoebe my daughter still tries it on with us! It can be frustrating but honestly don't worry, i don't know a baby that does not sound the same as your little fella xx

Charley - posted on 04/01/2009




Definately own spoon let him feed himself and sneak 1 in when u can it worked wonders 4 me

Shelley - posted on 04/01/2009




If he is doing that - let him try and feed himself.  He is showing the initiative that he is ready or close to it.  You will still have to feed him - but it will help him learn how to feed himself.

Tee - posted on 04/01/2009




A couple of suggestions for you.  1. Try one of those bibs that have sleeves, they feel more like a top to your baby and they dont try to pull it off as much as something loose hanging down their front.  2.  try giving a finger food while feeding, to give his hands something to do and just slip the spoon in when you can.

Dont fret too much about it, I know its frustrating and time consuming but your baby is learning what his hands are for and its all quite normal so just let him learn and try to make sure there is plenty of time at mealtimes. xx

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