When is a goofy kid's behavior too goofy?

Amy - posted on 07/17/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My seven year old loves slapstick. But it's not just watching "The Three Stooges" or "Tom and Jerry." He slaps himself to be silly constantly. He also likes to pretend to bang into walls and slide down them. All this would be funny except for the sheer quantity that he does this stuff - which is ALL THE TIME! He's pretty socially unaware to begin with. In the past he has picked his nose and wiped boogers on another kid's shirt because he saw him smile when he said he was going to do it and my son interpreted that to mean the other kid thought it would be funny (and while this is so super-gross and we put a stop to it, he actually would have thought it was funny if someone did it to him in reverse). He also once spit in his best friend's shoes, again to be funny. I think we've really gotten through to him that you simply cannot do things that affect other people. And I have to stress, none of this is done with a bullying intention. He really doesn't have a mean or intimidating bone in his body, he just thinks this sort of thing is funny. So in terms of the stuff he does to himself (and that doesn't affect others) should I put a stop to it? It's annoying and I feel like it shows disrespect to his own body and doesn't set a good example for others to take him seriously. Should I be worried about this and if so how do I help turn it down? Or should I embrace the idea that I have a future "Jack Tripper" on my hands?


Ariana - posted on 07/18/2013




I think with everything else there is a time and place. So if you're at home, and he's fooling around, who cares, just ignore it. If you are out doing things, or have people over and he's irritating others around him, then I would ask him to stop. I would try to explain this to him, that you don't really care, but around other people not everyone wants to watch him throw himself into a wall.

I also wouldn't let himself wack himself in the face. Maybe there is another thing he can do that would make him less likely to do this? You should put him into something he can use up that physical energy in, like grappling or something. If you think about it he sounds like the type of kid who would do well in gymnastics or something, since he's always hopping around all the time anyway, maybe he'd be doing cool flips and stuff instead of banging into walls.

Just a thought, and good luck!

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