When is good time to switch over to a toddler bed?

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My 18-month-old has recently switched over to a toddler bed. Is 18-months too soon to sleep in a big girl bed alone? Or should we continue to use the crib until the time is right?


Tara - posted on 08/23/2011




We wound up switching our oldest daughter (she'll be 4 this March) into a toddler bed when she was 15 months old for 2 reasons - (1) she could climb out of the crib by herself and (2) we were expecting a second child and needed the crib.

Other than about 3 days of her getting used to getting into it by herself we haven't had any problems at all.

Our youngest daughter will be 2 in October and has not been able to get out of the crib by herself, but she is showing a HUGE interest in being in a big girl bed like her sister, so we will be switching her over as soon as we can get another twin mattress :)

I really think it depends on the child and how interested they are in being in a big bed. If they are freaking out and trying to get back into the crib - not the time to switch. If they are trying to get out of the crib/can get out of the crib, try to get into your bed all the time at bedtime, try to "test" big girl beds in places like Sears - probably a good time :)

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