When is it okay to say something if it's not ur child?

Errin - posted on 06/24/2015 ( 6 moms have responded )




This has more to do with my boyfriends mom then his son! Basically she wants him
To have a lazed tag party for the end of year ! Which is great but she always has to
Find a way to find a way to make it about her. She plans to do it
On a weekend he's with his mom ... So she expects us to go and get him on his
Moms day from her house ... But my mil has made it clear were not to invite his mom , his
Moms bf or his moms boyfriends son... Which I think is unfair ! How can we go
To her house , take he son and then not invite the other boy! There
The same age, have a lot of the same friends and they spend every
Other weekend together ... They tell ppl there brothers! So my feeling are
We invite the little boy , since he's allowed to invite 10
Boys anyways or we switch the weekend to one we already
Have him to avoid feelings getting hurt... But as it's not my
My child or my mom, when is okay to voice my oppion


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Michelle - posted on 06/24/2015




I want to know what your BF is saying in all this.
It's his child and Mother so he should be telling his Mother that it won't work that weekend.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 06/24/2015




First, if it's mom's day, you cannot, nor should you even think about taking the child for some party that his grandmother thinks he needs to be at. If she wants to have a party for him, great...on his time with his father.
Your boyfriend needs to explain his custody orders to his mother and tell her to butt out.

Raye - posted on 06/24/2015




It's okay to voice your opinion, but maybe you should voice it to your BF and let him deal with his mom. I don't think the party should be planned on a day where the boy is not already with his father. Allowances can be made for special occasions that might interfere with one parent's visitation days, but it should not happen if it's avoidable. And I think your BF's mom just wanting to get her way is not a valid reason to change visitation days (especially if the mother and her new family unit is not invited to join in).

You and your BF have to be on the same page with how your family unit is going to work. If he's not listening to you and/or talking to you about these things, then that's not a good sign. There are going to be times where each of you will need to compromise to get along and you'll have to pick your battles. So, you have to decide if this battle is worth waging. Personally I think your BF's mom is out of line. But your BF may not see it that way, and he may be stuck in the middle having to choose between you and his mother. So, again, I say talk to him first and see what his thoughts are and if he will stand up to his mother. If not, then it's your choice whether to talk to her yourself, and you may want to think about the future of your relationship with your BF.

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