when is the appropriate time to have sex after a threatening abortion? cos i want my son back


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Dove - posted on 03/30/2014




If you are trying to replace the baby you lost... I recommend you wait and get some counseling to help you heal. You can not get back the baby you lost or replace him/her by another pregnancy.

I do understand (I'm assuming... w/ as little as you've posted) what you are feeling and yes, another pregnancy/child CAN be a help to heal the pain... but it is a brand new pregnancy and a brand new baby and you need to be able to realize that.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 03/30/2014




WHAT???? We needs some clarity cause that is very confusing. Please explain further.

[deleted account]

....what do you mean? If you have had a loss you can't get that son back. If it was just a threatened abortion(threatened miscarriage) then no sex until a dr approves. If you have had no loss then you have not lost your son. But if you are referring to regaining a son from a previous pregnancy then I think you should look into counselling. That is not a healthy thought and if it is wanting a previous pregnancy back then you have not healed mentally from it and need help.

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