When is the best time to conceive?

Keshia - posted on 07/31/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




We are trying for baby #2 with no luck. I was never supposed to be able to have kids since I've had PCOS since I was 12, but I guess doctors arent always right my son will be 1 on Thursday. I got my period October 30th 2008 and conceived him November 5th, so Im guessing the best time for me is a few days after my period. I just ended my period a couple days ago and we tried again today so what are the chances of me getting pregnant? Ive had my legs up all day and I havent had any problems with cysts since I had him, so is it usually easier to conceive before or after your period?


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Hey, First, I'm soooo happy you are able to have little ones. Have you tried an ovulation kit? ClearBlue has one (I heard the one with the smiley faces, are NOT good). My period is normally well not normal. So I decided with baby #2 I would give them ago. (Let's face it with a little one already, the energy and time to do the deed just isnt' there like it was before) and it turns out that I ovulate about 7-8 days from the first day of what I would concider my period (average is about 14 days). So I found that to be alittle helpful, however they can get expensive. I have found Wal-mart to be the best priced so far, but the other day I was at Dollarama (A dollar store chain here in Canada) and found that they have ovulation tests. I know the Dollar store pregancy tests work becuz that's how I found out I was pregos with my son and did a more expensive test after to make sure it was right. So if I dont' get pregos this time around using the ovulation kit, I'm going to do alitte experiment of my own, used the Clearblue, when I get a +, I'll see if the Dollar store one gives me the same results. Best of luck

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We had to have Assisted Fertilization for both our babies and the advice our fertility specialist gave us was to start 6 - 8 days after my period and have sex every 2nd day until the next period started. You may not ovulate at exactly the same time every month (especially if you have had difficulties in the past) and you also may not actually ovulate at all every month. Some women only ovulate every 2nd month. The best thing to do is just to keep at it but only every 2nd day so your hubby / partner has time to make more sperm in between.

Oh and as far as what the odds for you falling pregnant are. I'm afraid to say that even in perfectly healthy women the odds of actually conceiving on any given cycle are somewhere between 22% & 27%. Not very high I know but there are a whole load of other factors that are involved not just whether you had sex at the right time.

Good Luck & keep trying.


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Keshia - posted on 07/31/2010




Ive never heard that but I like trying myth type things its so hard to be able to conceive when my fiance works 3rd shift he sleeps during thr day and works at night and then with having a 1 yr old the only time we really get is when hes napping its exhausting I wish I was like other girls who say the word pregnant and they are it

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you are going to think I am crazy...but supposedly during thunderstorms due to the barometric pressure there is some reason that it is easier to conceive...could be a wives tale..could have some bases in science... who knows but the midwife who helped my obg deliver my second swore it was true.

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7-14 days after a period, but it depends on the person, my best time is 4-5 days. So you need to figure out when you are ovulating because its different for every woman.

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i was told that my cysts helped in conceiving my daughter, when the cyst burst it shot her egg into my uterus!!!

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