When is the best time to think about having baby #2? I am thinking when my little guy is about three


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Adrienne - posted on 03/04/2011




Well I have three boys right now and due to have our 4th very soon. #1 & #2 are exactly one year apart same birthday. #2 & #3 they are about 21 months apart, #3 & #4 will be either 12 months apart or 13 months apart.
We fell pregnant on BC and condoms for all of them so none were planned. But my two older boys are really close to each other when they don't have their little fights. They never want to leave without the other. My 3 year old loves to help out with 11 month old but hates that his little brother bothers him all the time because his baby brother wants to be a part of things. It all depends on if you think your ready for it or not... When they are older they like to help you more with the baby and sometimes they want nothing to do with the baby and want you to return them.

Bonnie - posted on 03/04/2011




It depends. How close you want them to be. They will likely be closer if they are closer in age, although that doesn't necessarily mean anything. You have to do what you are most comfortable with.

Our boys are 21 months apart. We love it. We had kept our baby stuff and most of the items were still out and about because our first was just getting out of them. It made it an easy transition for us.

Sharon - posted on 03/04/2011




It's such an individual choice, and varies for everyone.
Hubby & I wanted #1 & #2 to be about 18mths apart (they will be about 17.5mths apart). #2 & #3 we aren't sure about, will see how hectic life is when we have 2 little cherubs in the house.

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