When is the right time to introduce a boyfriend to a child?

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My friend asked if I could help give advice on when she can introduce her new boyfriend to his 12 year old son. I am confused. I just want to be sure that I am giving her the good advice. She is a single parent. The father of the child is abroad( not together with the child's father since the boy was 2 years). She has had 2 failed relationships already. One finished when the boy was 7 and the other last year when the boy was 11. She has met somebody else- 5 months ago, but she said she doesn't know if it is okay for her son to meet this person. Please help with ideas.


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I've only dated one guy in my 4 years as a single mom and my kids met him before I did.... If I ever date a man they HAVEN'T already met they won't be introduced to him intentionally unless we are starting to talk marriage.

Michelle - posted on 02/26/2012




It really depends on the relationship and where they see it going. There isn't a set time when to do it.

My current hubby met my boys within about 2 weeks but while I was dating some of my boyfriends never met the boys. I knew when I met hubby that it was going to be a long lasting relationship though.

It will be hard because the son is at an age where he may not like any man coming into the "family" at all. Your friend needs to be prepared for her son to rebel a bit or even a lot.


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when she feels that this boyfriend this time, will be 'the one.' otherwise i would tell her to hold off on introducing them together. or maybe tell her to introduce him as a friend and nothing more, so the child doesnt get confused.

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