when is the right time to tell your child that he is adopted


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Kitty - posted on 10/09/2014




As soon as you adopted him and beyond that day. Don't lead a child on to believe that you're their birth-mother when you're not. It could end up in heartbreak, animosity, confusion, misunderstandings, and a ton of questions being asked all at once that could have been asked over a long period of time.

Sarah - posted on 06/10/2014




The day you adopted him. You should tell kids they are adopted right from the start. Then as they grow you keep it an ongoing conversation. You should talk about adoption just like you would talk about anything else in your child's life. Adoption should be a normal conversation. There should never be a time that you have to sit down and tell him/her. It should be something that they always know. In order to do that you need to tell them from day 1 and then keep sharing your child's adoption story with him/her as he/she grows.

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