When is the youngest you can take a infant/toddler on the bike with you?

Chelsea - posted on 01/10/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




i know i cant use the backpack thing, even though i have seen it done.. i cant find a younger helmet then 3+ is that the age limit? i tried googling information, and some say when they can sit up by them selves then you can put them in the back seat attachment on a bike. i really want to start excercising, and a morning bike ride with my daughter sounds fun and relaxing.. the trailor thing behind a bike looks fun to, but it looks liek it would be for older kids...anyone know? i dont want to put my kid in danger, just want to enjoy time with her and myself, with a good outing thats for free. walking is boring. and i'm too fat to run a jumper stroller. my daughter is 5 months.


Dawn - posted on 01/10/2010




i wanted to get the back trailer for my daughter when she turned 6 months. i was advised by my cousin who has one for her kids to wait until at least 12 months as the trailers can be quite a bumpy ride.
as for a helmet i would say wait until at least 12 months again, may be later, simply because a babies neck isn't strong enough to support a helmet.
i hope this helps.

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had bubs on the bike from about 9 months, if you go to a proper bike shop, not k mart etc they have relly good fully adjustable helmets.


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