When is too soon to switch to whole milk?

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I am just curious when everyone switched their babies from formula or breast milk to whole milk? My daughter is 6 months old and eating solids unbelievablely well. She is only having 3 bottles of formula a day now (morning, afternoon & before bed). Was maybe thinking about switching the afternoon bottle to whole milk. Is it too soon?


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Quoting Kelly:

Baby's digestive systems are not equipped to handle the complex proteins in cow's milk until they're a year old.

Kelly here knows her stuff. Additionally, research shows an increase in lactose intolerance in people who begin drinking cow milk before 1 year of age.

Rebecca - posted on 06/22/2011




really, does anyone have text book babies?
does anyone really raise their kids on instinct and not by statistics?
were you surveyed by these scientists when they performed these so-called breakthrough studies?
do what you think is right, not what others tell you to do, if switching from breast/formula milk is what you want then try it, if it doesnt work go back to what it was origionally.

Ashley - posted on 05/07/2009




i switched my son at about 8 1/2-9 months. he wasnt drinking the formula. he would sleep all night, wakeup in the morning and drink 2 oz. he didnt like it so i switched him. once i switched him he was drinking full bottles. he loved it! he will be a yr next wk and i've had no problems with him at all. if he was still drinking his formula i wouldnt have switched him and kept giving it to him until he was a yr old but he just had no interest in it. when it comes down to it you are her mother and you know what's best and whats not

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My daughter will be 16 mths in two days....according to my doctor it is really up to the child! If he/she is not taking to well to milk products including Soy...ect, then it is fine to continue with the formula! She gets 2, 8 oz servings of that a day! I have found that she is taking a liking to Enfamil Lipil Next Step! She like your daughter was eating extremely well for, at the time, a 6 mth old.She had 12 teeth by 10 mths!!!!Kinda scarry! However he did say at that point the amount of fat in breast/whole mile does not come even close to what they need until at least 1!!! So I hope this was helpful information!!!

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I switched both of my kids at nine months of age even though my pediatricians recommended I wait until they were 1yr. of age which is the standard recommendation these days. I would check with your pediatrician before instilling any changes. When you do introduce whole milk they recommend you alternate formula and regular milk for the first few days to see if the child can digest the milk. If you do decide to switch and if your daughter starts getting diarrhea or becoming constipated then you`ll have to go back to formula as her digestive system is not ready for the whole milk. Don`t forget your daughter might also not like whole milk since it is not as sweet as formula (if you`ve tasted formula it`s like melted ice cream)....I`ve heard of kids refusing it outright until they were a year old . My children just raised their eyebrows at the first sip and that was the extent of their reaction.

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This is something you need to consult with your doctor about. My daughters' peditrition said one year. They need the nutrients from the formula. But talk to the doctor.

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they usually say 12 months. I had a bunch of frozen breast milk so I finished using that and then started him on cows milk he was about 18 months old

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The public health nurses say that you shouldn't until they are 10-12 months... which seems reasonable to me, that's when I switched both of my kids. But slowly introduce it, a couple of ounces at a time until you're up to a whole bottle.

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Never do anything without consulting your pediatrician first. If they say its ok then go for it.

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well some people will tell you they did it before 6 months and some between 6-12 months but its really up to you. your the mother. if that are having no problems with drinking formula i would suggest waiting til about 9-12 months. formula gives them all the nutrients they need. mine had her first taste of cows milk around 10 months from a sippy cup however she needs formula for her feeds still due to being under weight. when you do it dont just switch one whole bottle to cows milk make sure you wean so half water half cows milk see how she goes do this first for a few days to make sure she has no constipation. good luck

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Baby's digestive systems are not equipped to handle the complex proteins in cow's milk until they're a year old.

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I also believe that babies need to be a year old before starting cow's milk because of tummy issues. I also want to say that I think waiting until a year might have something to do with trying to prevent milk allergies. My daughter was lactose intolerant when I switched her at 1 year. The tummy problems she had would not have been fun with a 6 month old (but I really hope you don't have that whenever you do switch her over) But check with your doctor, because it seems like information on what to do and what not to do changes every day! Your little one has a very cute smile by the way.

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I think 6 months is too soon. I know some people who have switched at 8-9 months and I think that would be fine. I waited to switch my daughter untill 11 months mainly just because I liked the security of knowing she was definatly getting all her nutrients. Hold off a few more months and I'm sure it will be fine!

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i would check with your dr. but my kids as well as several i others i know didnt drink whole milk until they were 12 months .. i transitioned my child about a few weeks b4 her first birthday by mixing a few ounces in to her formula and then by the time she was 1 she was on milk.. my older child was allergic to milk in liquid form so i had a hard time and the dr told me that milk can be hard on the tummy so thats why most parents wait till they are almost 1 .. hope that helps

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