When should i leave for the hospital? and how far was your trip there?

Norma - posted on 09/14/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hello (: im 38 weeks, due on the 23 of this month (yay almost!) with my first little girl, today my doctor did my 2nd vaginal check and said i was nearly 3cm dilated... i understand people leave to the hospital at 4, but im hardly feeling any REAL pain... just minor cramps in my butt area lol, so should i leave to the hospital once im at 4? and my hospital is 30 mins away from my house,(thats not cool ): ) should i leave earlier to be more safe? how far were u from ur hospital?


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Karen - posted on 09/14/2010




my hospital told me to come in when my contractions were 5 mins apart, lasting 30secs - 1 min and were that way consistently for 1 hour (they called it the 511 rule) OR if your water breaks...i also am about 30 mins from the hospital (and hit rush hour traffic on my way there so it took 1.5 hours to actually get there). when your contractions start you can always call your L&D ward and they will ask a few questions and tell you if / when you should head in. chances are, if it's your first, you'll have plenty of time (i know, it's not always the case, but more often then not, it is). good luck in the upcoming adventure!

Bridget - posted on 09/14/2010




I would consider going to the hospital either when your contractions (if they are strong and regular) are about 5mins apart or when your waters break. My waters broke so I went to the hospital (as I needed the antibiotic injection before giving birth) and they checked my stomach for the contractions which weren't strong or regular so sent me home. Another hour later the pain was constant and there was more bleeding so decided to go back to the hospital. After another hour of them getting me settled into a birthing ward and getting comfortable (???) they decided to do an internal check (the first mind you) and I was already fully dilated and ready to go!!! That was only 3 and a half hours after my waters broke. If my bub hadn't have gotten stuck (he hadn't turned fully) he would have been out in 4 but in the end it took 6 hours and yes he was my first!!! I never had proper contractions - they were all in my back rather than my abdomen so for me the only sign I was in true labour was the waters breaking (within 2 hours the pain went from irregular to constant).
Do what you feel is right - if you want to go earlier then go earlier - call the hospital and tell them you are worried about being so far away and they will be more than happy to have you come in, but do remember that some labours can go for a very long time (yes usually if it is your first but not always as was my case) so if you go early be prepared to be there for a long time!!! Good luck and congratulations there is nothing more wonderful than holding your bub for the first time (well actually every time you hold your bub from now on will he wonderful and amazing!!!!). Enjoy every moment!!!!

Amy - posted on 09/14/2010




You could get to 4 cm and stay that way for weeks. I would wait till your contractions are 5 minutes apart before you leave for the hospital. Like Louis said you're more likely to progress at home then at the hospital. When I got to the hospital with my first one I was 7 cm dilated and had my baby 6 hours after arriving. My problem with my first is everyone said "oh you'll know when your in labor" and my doctor had me convinced that I wouldn't be able to move during contractions, but that wasn't reall the case I felt like I was cramping with my period. The reason I ended up going to the hospital is because I started bleeding, but the nurses didn't even check me till an hour after I got there because I wasn't in any serious pain. Good luck!

Louise - posted on 09/14/2010




I would leave for the hospital when either your waters break or you are getting regular painful contractions that need monitoring Normally contractions start about 20 minutes apart and work there way down. If this is your first baby then there is no rush to get to hospital as babies tend to take longer. I would put off going to the hospital as you will progress quicker at home in a relaxed atmosphere than at a hospital. Do not sit and suffer though if you need pain relief then go in to hospital. Good Luck I hope all goes smoothly and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

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