When should I start potty training my daughter again??

Shaunaodonnell - posted on 01/29/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughter has Autism and is constipated ,so how can I continue to potty train her countinuosilly without her regressing.When is it safe to try the potty again? I called her gastro doctor because she has been uncomfortable and irritable and waking up crying at night!!? She only went number 2, twice this past week.Her doctor increased her Exlax for a couple days and said to continue the Miralax also.He said to hold off on the potty training because its making her constapation issues worse!:( She is VERY interested in the potty though so, im afraid if we wait too long to try agian she will be afraid to go again. She was holding everything in before but now she goes. She has gone both number 1 and 2 in the potty!! She doesn't seem that uncomfortable going.i give her Miralax every morning before school and Exlax every 3rd day!! She seems to only be going number 2 on the days when I give her the Exlax.

I put underwear on her and then her pad and cloth training pants over them,on her every day for preschooI. She just runs around naked when she wakes up ,and I wait till she squats and put her on the potty.It usually takes her 10-20 mins. to actually go...then I drive her to preschool .She usually goes 4-6 in the potty times a day now!!!She has been peeing her diaper at night a lot this week too .So I don't even bother trying to make her go if she wakes up with a wet diaper ,because she usually doesn't need to go. I usually put her on the potty before preschool. I am noticing a pattern too... like she will pee in the potty a couple of mornings ,but then she will pee in her diaper at night when shes asleep. But she does hold it for 2-3 hrs. at a time,so i know her bladder muscles are strong enogh!??.She squats too so I know when she has to go.She does do the "potty" sign and I show her the pecs card picture for potty before I put her on it .So she has been saying "potty". But I don't know if she fully understands the concept yet. She hasn't brought me the card yet to tell me, which makes it even MORE difficult cause sometimes she doesn't squat so i can't tell, if she has to go or not. And when she says "potty "she is either going in her training pants or already went. I have been potty training her for almost a month now so im afraid she may regress? ;( I also know that the gluten free,cassein free,and soy milk diet helps elminate the constipation too. I plan on starting that soon...:) She has gone immediately a couple times right when I put her on the potty too!!?? So I think she is catching on . But this constipation thing just makes the teaching process sooo much harder:(!!!? Does anyone have an Autistic child with any advice,who's gone through this?? Is there anything else I should try to feed her to healp with constipation. She drinks a fruit and veggie smoothy every day! But I haven't given her one for a couple days cause of her constipation?!! I appreciate ANY advice??

Thanks :)


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