when should one stop enjoying intercourse in front of child - how old a child can undertand

Malati - posted on 12/22/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am 23 yrs old, we have a 9 month old baby boy, me and my partner have been enjoying intercourse with the baby in the room for last 6 months.

Does this have a effect on the baby, when should we stop doing this, ie when will the baby start seeing this as abnormal.

Please advise as my partner gets exicited whenever i am breast feeding the baby


Kiki - posted on 12/22/2014




Like Sarah said, lots of cultures live all in the same room and children all around the world see it. However, in American society sex is usually something no one ever talks about around children. I would say if you are uncomfortable then it is probably time to start putting the baby in their play pin in the other room or in their nursery.

Don't be guilted about this.


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Sarah - posted on 12/22/2014




Where do you live? There are different cultural views regarding communal living. I doubt you are living in a tepee on an Indian reservation. At 9 months your baby does not have any idea what you are doing. However, the sounds associated with having sex can be frightening and misinterpreted by baby as daddy hurting mommy or vice versa. Also, be prepared for him to start mimicking your behavior.
I think sexual activity is a private matter. I do not consider myself a prude and while I am openly affectionate with my spouse, we are discreet and respectful of the other people in the home.

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