when should we tell our son about Biological dad?

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My Son has a daddy, who i am no longer with, but he still has our boy and daugher(who is his) at weekends. Our son has a biological dad who wasnt interested in him from the begining, When i met there daddy we were happy for a few years, had our daughter then split up. Hes always been there for both of them.
Both our children have different sir names, sons mine and obv daughters his. Now our son is 6 we feel we should tell him the truth....but dont no how to?


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 07/21/2011




Well, Sherri is right, but don't make her feel guilty for the past. There is no reason for that. Ashlee is trying to rectify the situation now, and I applaud her for that. Can't change the past. You can just make it right.

Just sit down and talk to him. He may still view this man as his father since he raised him, and that is fine. It is better to deal with it when they are young rather than older. He will most likely deal with it a lot easier than say when he is a teen.

Gwen - posted on 07/21/2011




If he and his sister have different last names, he's probably more aware than you think. Sit down and explain it honestly to him. That his birth father didn't know how to take care of him, but he has this "Daddy" who loves him like his very own son.

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