When should you stop using baby food completely?

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My son is 18 months old. His molars have come in recently, and so my husband is pushing me to give him only regular style food. My son however does not want much to do with that. He will eat things like peanut butter, and jelly or grilled cheese sandwiches, but he refuses to eat vegetables, and meat. He will still eat the baby food vegetables, and dinners with meat. I don't want him to loose his taste for veggies, and meat, and I'm afraid he is not getting the nutrition he needs. So I want to continue giving him the baby food along with the regular food until he becomes agreeable to the change. My husband is opposed. I will of course let him oppose while I make sure my child is getting the proper nutrition, but I figured I would get a few other opinions as well.


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My 18-month-old gags and throws up whenever she eats too big of chunks of food. So I give her spaghetti (chopped up very small), rice (a few grains at a time), and ground meat, but also jar food to make sure she's getting enough nutrition too. You know what's best for your child, also talk to your pediatrician. Mine says its fine as long as she's getting all the food groups. He said I should only really start to worry when she is 2. Hope this helps!

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I just want to say that you all have been so very helpful!! I have been all over the net with this same questions and have found no real answer to my concern! My 14 month old is still eating babyfood, although we've introduced nearly everything we eat, as well. He has a protein allergy which resulted with him on an amino-acid based formula and I was concerned about the transition from a liquid diet to babyfood. When that went well, it has become a safety net! Now, my concerns are table foods and when should I eliminate babyfood all together. Your posts have been helpful.. thank you!!


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Tonya - posted on 02/23/2010




Try the Gerber meals. They are like tv dinners almost, but are really healthy and are regular food in the perfect portions for little ones. Also, give him a kids multi-vitamin. I have given my daughter one since she was about 18 months. Those Gerber meals are in the same aisle as the baby food. You can also try and make food fun. Make faces with sandwiches, try shredded chicken quesadillas, anything you can think of to make it fun. Let him try all types of veggies, see what he likes. Don't let ANYONE say that they are gross around him, or else he will get that as a mind set and not even try it!! My three year old asks me for broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, peas...I think part of that is being enthused about it, even if it is something I hate! Anyway...try the Gerber meals, I am sure they will be something you and your hubby can agree on.

Iridescent - posted on 02/23/2010




He doesn't NEED baby food unless he's simply not getting an adequate variety from table foods or refuses due to texture and ability to chew. My daughter is still on baby foods at nearly 3 years old, for health reasons. Our others were all off baby food by ~1 year.

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At one year old your baby can be eating the same food as you with minor modifications. Foods should be in bite sized pieces and contain no pits, seeds, bones etc.

Lisamarie - posted on 02/23/2010




Your son doesn't need jarred baby food. My son is 7 months and he's using it but from when you start weaning them you can just puree whatever you're eating. (within reason, obviously)
Try giving him carrot sticks, any kind of veggies really to chew on, sit with him but don't push him as this may scare him away from it. When you give him his meals, add something from your plate, but don't draw attention to eat, let him watch you eat it and he should eat it eventually. If it doesn't happen the first time don't panic, just keep trying and when he's eaten one thing, add more each meal time and see how it goes. Hope it helps. :)

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At 18 months of age he should really be eating the same food that you do. If you are filling him with baby food then he knows he doesn't have to eat the proper food. You need to try to encourage him to eat the same as you but you may need to modify the family diet to include some kid-friendly meals. Check out you local book store for some kid's cookery books or even go to the library to see what you can find, but the time has come to get rid of baby food.

Sheree - posted on 02/23/2010




Personally i have never used the jar baby food. My daughter started solids at 5.5 months (fruit and vegetable) and at 6.5 months started eating what we eat. Tonight she had spag bowl for dinner with us. She only has her front 2 teeth and has had no problems eating real food. I think your husband is right and your son should be eating proper food instead of jar stuff.

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