when shoulf I look for a pediatrician?


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I started the process a few months before we got pregnant. I compiled a list and narrowed them down to a select few based on phone interviews, references, and public records. That way, by the time our baby was on his way, all I had to do was interview the finalists in person, tour their facilities, and figure out who I was most comfortable with.

Sarah - posted on 08/25/2013




Before you have your baby. There is no set time, except that you will need to know who you want as your baby's doctor before the baby is born. Some people have it figured out even before they get pregnant. You want to give yourself enough time to feel comfortable with who you pick. You also want to make sure they are taking on new patients.

For my kids I actually did not choose a pediatrician I went with a family doctor. So she has done all my care as well as my kids and my husband.

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