When to Call CPS

Lorna - posted on 04/17/2014 ( 4 moms have responded )




I had a neighbor who was a single mother of 3 kids, then she had another baby. I think she was entertaining men in a room she covered up with a sheet tacked into the door jam with the kids in the house. The kids would be seen sitting on the roof (all under 7 yrs. old). They clearly weren't being tended to. The house stunk and was filthy, but when I called CPS, they asked if they had food in the cabinets??? Really? How is food in the cabinets going to keep them from falling off the roof? Soon after the new baby died and only then did CPS get involved. I know other neighbors called as well to no avail. I feel terrible that I wasn't able to encourage them to check on this wayward family with deadly consequences. Now my neighbor has 2 little boys under the age of 5 (at least I think under 5 because they don't go to school). They are seen running around the neighborhood, usually nude, defecating in the yard, peeing like dogs on trees, going into other people's houses, playing with fire and basically running unattended. I often smell pot coming from the house and nobody watching the kids! Is this abuse? Should somebody call CPS? With the poor response I had previousely, I feel helpless it would do any good. But maybe it's not abuse and it's OK for this to go on? Dunno. I just know I wouldn't do it to my kids.

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Michelle - posted on 04/17/2014




Like Little Miss said, call the police as defecating in public is an offense. They can then call CPS if they see a need to.

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