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This has nothing to do with my kids but I was wondering when to date? Just so I know in the future. I also would like to know what to say if they ask to early.


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When to allow your kids to date?

At an age that you feel comfortable allowing that behaviour. Everyone is different. Some parents allow it as early as middle school, others don't until 16 or older.

And, as far as what to say... What do you say when they ask you if they can do something that you don't approve of now? Hopefully "NO".

When to start dating yourself? When you find a man that will treat you like a queen, respect you, your kids, and that relationship, and will be willing to take care of you and the kids. Personally, I don't recommend bringing a bunch of people in and out of your kids lives, but each to their own in that respect.

I've tried to cover both ends of the spectrum. Hopefully something fits your question.

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