when to pump and introduce a bottle??

Renee - posted on 03/02/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




my son is exactly one week old today. (born 2-23-13). i am a stay at home mom but i want to start pumping and build up a small supply incase hes not with me or so dad can feed him while i take care of our 3 year old daughter (witch is a big mama girl) when is it okay to start pumping and introduce a bottle? i heard wait 2-3 weeks for your supply to come in. i just now got to where im not feeling so full and im not in so much pain. want to aviod that as much as i can. that and ive also gotten to where i only feel full when its about time for him to eat.


Elfrieda - posted on 03/02/2013




I think you're supposed to wait until nursing is established, then give a bottle once a week. I didn't know that last part, and after a horrendous first month (issues latching) where bottles were a regular part of the day, we finally got everything sorted out and I was very happy to put the bottles away. But now, only 2 months later, I tried to get her to take a bottle so I could go out, and she forgot how to do it! :( So upsetting. I think it's something you need to remind them of, without getting them really used to it. A balancing act, I guess.

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