When to start a family? During, after or before university?

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I'm 25 and live with my long time (10yr) boyfriend in a home we just purchased. I have a diploma and want to further my education and get my undergraduate social worker degree. I know I will be able to find better paying employment and be able to do more meaningful work. We are comfortable right now, and dont plan on getting married but we definitely want children. We talk about it constantly and what has been stopping us is just anxiety. Will our baby be healthy? How will we manage financially when I'm on mat leave? Who will take care of our child when I go back to work? I don't think I will ever be financially ready for a child considering daycare costs about 50-80$ a day in our city. Our families live in cities that are at least a 45 min drive away and they all have full time jobs. People tell me we will figure it out, other people tell me to wait cause I have so much time ahead of me. But I don't want to wait until I finish my education because I want children when I'm younger. Just personal preference. So I'm basically looking for advice from mom's who went back to school with children or got pregnant while they were in school? How did you manage?


Sarah - posted on 06/04/2015




I had my first my last year of college. My suggestion to you is to wait until you are done with school. I also have a degree in social work. Doing papers, studying, doing your internship then taking care of a child and working....honestly you won't have much time with your child because of school, homework, and work. You will be lucky if you get an hour. Schools also don't give you a maternity leave. You can take a semester off, but that may mess up your courses causing you to take some courses over or wait a year before you are able to resume.

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