When, why, and how to switch off formula to milk (what milk)?

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My son turns a year old next month, thats usually the norm. time to switch, but how to start, why do we switch, and how to ween, and what kind of milk, and if not milk then what comes next??


Rosie - posted on 01/27/2010




wic says that children are getting obese, and whole milk is adding to the problem, so they don't have anything higher than 1% milk anymore on the checks, yet theres another pamphlet in there from my states dept. of nutrition saying that children up to age 2 should be given whole milk. my doctor has also told me, whole milk till age 2. as for switching from formula to milk it was easy with all 3 of mine. all i did was put milk in their bottles instead of formula- they need three 8 oz servings a day. shortly after that we used sippy cups and they were off of bottles at 14 months. no famcy mixing with formula or anything, i just switched and had no problems.

Abbie - posted on 01/27/2010




I saw someone wrote you can buy organic to keep the hormones out of the milk....... also if you buy milk that says RBT/ xxx free that is good too. You can a quality milk and not paying for the organic prices. I know the great value at wal mart is that, also kemps and land o lakes.

We changed our son over starting at 11 months, I took, 1 oz of formula away and added in 1 oz of whole milk. Change when great! But some babies don't care for whole milk, so you can use formula for older babies, that works too. I wouldn't add flavor to it personally to get them to drink it. But babies need the whole milk for the fat in their brain. My son will be 2 in a few months and I don't see a need to change him off whole milk yet, he is not overweight. You have to go with your gut!! What do you feel or what does your doctor recommend?

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I switched my son to whole milk just after he turned one year old. He didn't even notice the difference. Some moms recommend mixing the whole milk with formula for a while. Your son still needs milk fat in his diet. It helps with brain development so I would definitely use whole milk. Many people may also recommend organic milk because it contains no hormones. I have never bought organic though. If he doesn't like the milk it may be because it's too cold (depending on the temp of his formula he is use to). So, I would keep that in mind.

Nikki - posted on 01/27/2010




When my daughter turned a year old I started giving her a sippy cup of warm milk (vit D milk) once a day for a week and then once in the morning and once at night. I tried the next step powdered milk formula which tastes nasty. I would just make sure your giving your little one a nutritious diet when you switch, because formula has alot of vitamins in it. The sippy cup helps ween off the bottle too. We had no more bottle at 13 months only sippy cups. Hope that helps.

Lisamarie81m - posted on 01/27/2010




Most switch to whole milk, it is recomended up til age 2. try mixing the formula with the milk and then decrease the formual untill they are drinkin only whole milk. whole milk has fat in it to help babies grow

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Renee - posted on 01/27/2010




milk is a great source of calcium, vit d and all sorts of other vitamins but your child can get the same amount in yogurt, cheese, and other dairy products!

Tiffany - posted on 01/27/2010




I just wanted to say I was told by the WIC office nurses that there is no need to give children whole milk anymore, any kind of milk is good. But that is just what I was told.

Stephanie - posted on 01/27/2010




We still haven't switched to real milk and my daughter is 2! You are supposed to put a little milk in with their formula slowly. We did a couple tablespoons in every other bottle for a week, then 1/4 of every other bottle the next week, then 1/4 with every bottle then half then a full bottle. We got to the full bottles though and she was still having diarhea. The doctor said to hold out but we made it about 2 weeks before she was pretty sick. We do soy now and I really like it cus it has a lot of vitamins that milk doesn't even have...every once in a while she will have milk but only if she is pretty thirsty, she doesn't even like it now and I think its because she knows it upsets her stomach.

As for weening, I didnt know if you meant with the breast or with the bottle. I couldn't breastfeed so I'm no help there but we did great getting her off the bottle. We started giving her sippy cups at about 7 months here and there and then when she got used to them we switched to bottles only before naps and bedtime. At about 10 months we threw all the bottles away after she went to bed one night. She never saw or had a bottle again and didn't seem to care!

We switch off formula and breast milk because they are designed to be MEALS not a drink. Once they are one, they need to eat real food not drink their meals. When people keep their babies on formula or breast milk and still feed them as much as other kids that aren't, they tend to have overweight kids.

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i use the gerber sippy cups but i have always heard very good thing about the doctor browns sippy cups

Melissa - posted on 01/27/2010




Start giving him whole milk little by little. Start with one feeding a day, then increase day by day. See how he likes it. If he still takes fomula warm you might want to warm the milk up for the first few times then slowly give it to him cooler. At a year his body can digest regular milk, also his body needs the extra fat, vitamins, and other nutrition that whole milk has. I would also suggest, if you can afford it doing organic milk. Organic milk does not contain the hormons that regular milk does.

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well you could go to the next step formula which is for babies up to 36 months i think, the whole weening thing you may not have to do some babies take right to milk althought with my son i have to put choc or srawberry syrup in it for him because if i dont he will not drink an he will hide is cup to were i cant find it lol, but ive read some moms say that you slowly just add the milk into there formula untill its just the milk um for the milk you go to whole milk (red cap is what i call it) unless you do the organic thing then im not sure on what type of milk to give an im not sure why you have to switch but that is a good question

Nichole - posted on 01/27/2010




Well on my little girls first birthday we just thru away her bottle and gave her a sippie cup. The dr. says whole milk, i don't give her much. she mainly drinks juice and water. but i didn't have to ween her off the bottle at all. it was great. but you can switch when you feel comfortable. they say you can start by putting milk in the formula instead of water.

at first my little girl didn't like milk so i would put a half Table spoon of nesquick in it. and she started drinking it. she loves milk now

I hope i helped you, if you have any more questions let me know.


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