When Will I Get Pregnant?

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Hey everyone. I'm completely new here and just need a bit of advice/input. I'm trying to get pregnant at the moment but I don't know when it could happen. I'm a 26 year old woman who still doesn't understand the whole length of my cycle and all that woman stuff that I should understand and it's all because I always hated kids and from the age of about seven I always said I will never ever have kids but then I met my boyfriend and fell in love and none of that scares me too much anymore. Anyway, my last period was December 21st to the 25th and we had sex on The 1st of January and the 4th, 5th and 6th. By this tiny bit of information do you know if there's much chance I could be pregnant now? We were trying last month and the wait to find out was the worst and I just don't want to get my hopes up again because getting three negative tests last month was heartbreaking.


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Hi there. First off let me start by saying that for a healthy woman between 18and35 years it is perfectly normal and can easily take up to a year to get pregnant. Because even if you time everything correctly, there is still only a 20-25% chance of conception. So, even though it sometimes seems easy, it really isn't THAT easy to get pregnant. At least not for everybody :) It took me a year of trying.... Second, to time things better you do need to understand your cycles. And most importantly you need to pinpoint better when you are ovulating. Because only during your ovulation time is it possible to get pregnant. On average (and this is just a general rule of thumb) a woman with a 28 day cycle, the ovulation occurs about 14 days before the next period. You are typically fertile about 3 days leading up to and the day of ovulation, then you have to wait until the next cycle. But to really know if and when you are ovulating you should use ovulation prediction kits or you should track your basal body temperature. this will give you a better picture and help you time things better. But even more important is not to stress and have fun! Sometimes the head gets in the way and a stressed body may need more time. Good luck!!! :)

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