When will my 14 month sleep through?

Liz - posted on 01/08/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 14 month old still doesn't sleep through at night, she wakes at least three times for a feed. She is still breastfeeding and ontop of three meals a day has three 'mummy feeds'. We cosleep as otherwise she wouldn't sleep at all, I don't agree with crying it out or many 'sleep training' methods. I guess I just want support and someone to tell me that she will sleep through when she is ready, any ideas when this will be?


Elizabeth - posted on 01/08/2013




I had to do the same thing with my son, but he was bottle fed. He did not sleep through the night until he was 16 months old. He wasn't even getting a bottle, he would just be awake. Breast milk is thinner then most formulas so babies digest it more quickly so they wake more frequently. Maybe start weaning her from night feedings and offer water in a sippy cup for when she wakes. She may cry a night or two, but they adapt quickly and it's better for her growing teeth. I know how hard it is, but you will get through it. I am about to start all over again with a new baby coming this summer! Good luck.

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