whens a good time to get a potty chair and start the potty training fun! my daughter is 14 months


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Angela - posted on 03/02/2010




I agree with all the moms. It depends on your child. My son was a late talker (he didn't start talking until he was 2 1/2). We tried potty training early (about 18 mo) because he was taking his diaper off and was really interested in the bathroom and what mommy was doing in there. Our problem was the verbal communication. We could get him to pull his pull-up down and sit for a few seconds but that was about it. We had to stop and start trying again when he was about 2 1/2 (by then he could understand the difference between "before" and "after"). Still, he was stubborn about it so we gave him a couple mini M & Ms if he went in the potty. We didn't mess with the pull-ups the second time. We just put him underwear (no pants) and let him wet himself. It took all of about two days for him to decide he did not like that. He's been going in the potty ever since and doesn't even want the candy anymore. Now we are tackling the night time and in public aspect. Hope that helps!

User - posted on 02/26/2010




It really depends on your daughter. Certainly buy one, expose her to it and explain what it is for but much of the rest is up to her. She'll reach a point where wearing a diaper is uncomfortable, then just play on that...that 'big girls don't wear diapers' & so on. Sometimes the type of potty you choose makes a difference. I found one that was just a ring the set on the regular toilet & put a stool so my child could comfortably use the regular toilet like everyone else. It worked great especially since I couldn't get him to use those little potty chairs.

Mercedes - posted on 02/26/2010




i would have got her one as soon as he could sit up by herself. the whole "monkey see monkey do" thing is pretty true. i have 4 nieces && they all started sitting unsupported when they were abt 7-8 months && as there moms went to use the restroom she would take the potty chair in there && have them sit next to her on thier chair && show && tell them what she was doing && all four ended up beinn' potty trained when they were around a year old.

Becky - posted on 02/26/2010




I really think it depends on your daughter and whether she is starting to show signs that she's ready to potty train. Is she really interested in watching you go to the bathroom or does she ever ask to sit on the toilet? Can she tell you when she's wet or dirty? Is she able to stay dry for several hours at a time?

I don't think there is any harm in getting a potty now so that she can get used to it. She may want to try it right away, she may not. The sheet of tips we got with our potty chair said let them play with it and get comfortable with it - let them sit on it while they're watching TV if they want to, stuff like that.

We got a potty for our 2 year old son and at first, he liked to sit on it, but now he's only interested in using it as a stepstool, lol. But, every child is different, and I think girls do tend to potty train younger than boys.

Kristen - posted on 02/26/2010




You can start any time now! It's good to get one now to get her used to it, so she won't be afraid of it. Our son is almost 16 months old and we've had his potty chair for awhile now. We keep it in the bathroom and anytime I use the bathroom he comes with me and sits on his potty. He's still clothed at the moment when he does it. I've tried to keep him naked and then catch him real quick when he starts to pee and sit him on the potty, but he doesn't 'get it' yet, so why waste my time, kwim? We'll try again in a few months and see if he might understand the concept later. I don't expect him to be potty trained before 2 1/2 to 3 years old. :o)

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