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Hi my son is nearly 19 months old, and was wondering if he is ready for potty training? would like to know from other parents at what age did you potty train you LO, how long it took and what did you use (pant, pull ups etc)


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Alana - posted on 09/07/2011




hi i strarted toilet training on my sons 2 birthday and he was dry within a week. he went straight to the big toilet not on a potty.
all i did was take his clothes off n let him run round naked every time he started to pee he sat on the toilet and within a week he realised when he felt the urge to go, the toilet is where its done! good luck! xx

KAZ - posted on 09/06/2011




Hi Tracey. My son started being aware of wetting his nappy, by pulling on it and then he started telling me, pee mommy. I took it as a sign, had a potty on hand and we started. And night time - one night he said to me 'no nappy mommy', and I took it off. We had our mishaps but at 18 months he was off the nappy, and when I started him at educare I refused to put him in a class that was still training and I refused to buy nappies for them.

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I potty trained twin girls starting around that age. They were naked at home and used pull ups for sleeps and out in public. Daytime training took a year. Nighttime was a couple years later.

I didn't potty train my son. He kept his diapers (by his choice) until he had been fully potty trained for a month. He was day and night trained about the same age that his sisters were just day trained. Since I didn't do any of the work (only offered encouragement and assistance), I have no idea how long it took. He has been fully trained for about 6 months now though and has never had an accident.... ;)

Belinda - posted on 06/05/2011




I haven't potty trained anybody yet, I must say it can seem a little daunting. My daughter is almost 20 months old. She is showing some signs of being ready: ripping off her diaper, announcing what mommy is doing on the toilet, very occasionally wanting to sit on mommy's toilet for all of 2 seconds etc, but I don't think that she is quite there yet. My husband and I have decided to take it slow and easy, we bought a couple of books to read to her about potty training and are going to get a potty so that she can get used to it.

We will see how it goes from there, when she is ready to use the toilet, hopefully we will be ready and be able to follow her cues.

Good Luck with your little one.

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