Where can a mom/ grandma with a 4 year old fit?

Teresa - posted on 01/01/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am a 44 year old with 26, 24, 20 and 4year old. My 4 yr old was a Big Surprise and Blessing. My question is how to fit in and get him some play time and me some mommy friends. It's hard because I'm a grandmother to 7 and 4 year old. Where can I fit with my son.


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Mary - posted on 01/02/2013




Anywhere you go, really.

I was 38 when my daughter was born. She too is now 4, and I am 42. There are many, many older mommies like us out there! We're not in any specific location - you'll find us in the same places as the younger moms. Start attending story time at your local library. Sign your kid up for swimming or skating lessons or soccer or T-ball. Take your son on long daily walks through your neighborhood.

These are all the ways in which my daughter and I met people. Maternal age really shouldn't be a factor. You already have a lot in common with these women, since you have a kid the same age. My best "mommy friends" are actually a bit younger than me. My one neighbor is 31, and the other 28, yet at this point in my life, they is the adult friends that I spend the most time with, and talk with the most. Our daughters are all about the same age, and play together well. The age differences between us are really irrelevant. I've found that we get along wonderfully because we have similar parenting philosophies, and are facing the same daily struggles and joys since our kids are the same ages.

I have also met more than a few moms my own age or older. Being of a similar age is not enough to forge a friendship. I've found that the moms I "like" the best are the ones whose kids I like, or that my daughter likes. There are two women that I get together for coffee with about once a month from my daughter's preschool and really enjoy. Both of them are in their mid-sixties, and are the grandmothers of my daughter's classmates. The parents work full-time, and these grandma's are the daytime caregivers for their grandchildren. It makes no difference in my ability to be friends with them; I like them, and I like their grand kids, and I see them on a regular basis either at school or at other activities.

You just need to start taking your son to places and activities with kids his age, and it is inevitable that you will start talking with the other parents and develop casual friendships with some of them over time. I bet you'll find that age is a lot less relevant than you think.

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