Where can I buy clothes that do not have flame retardants in them?

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After his four month shots, our son became allergic to Alimentum and is now on Neocate. He showed signs of regression and I began reading about autism. I found out about the dangerous chemicals in flame retardants that are by law required in all mattresses and clothes from 9 mths - 14 years. Now I am getting rid of everything that has flame retardants. I don't want my son to be exposed to more toxins - he is already very sensitive. So far, I have found 6 pairs of pajamas that say "tight fitting - not flame retardant". I read they do not have the flame retardant in them if they are labeled as "must be worn tight fitting"

Is anyone else aware of this and upset?! I am.

Where can I get some clothes my son can wear without making them myself?

I did find a mattress maker where I got a mattress with an RX so it did not have the flame retardant. I feel like if at least our son can be toxin free at night, that is a step in the right direction.


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Gardenkidsclothing.com and Imaginegreenwear.com are probably the most popular ones I know of. They have lots of cute stuff in the $25-30 range.

You can look for Kate Quinn Organics on Amazon.com. Most are only $20 each.

Also, Two Crows for Joy (twocrowsforjoy.com)--They've got a great selection of clothing for all ages, and are also affordable if slightly more expensive. Baby sleepers are about $38 each, and they have a kid's section as well.

Cottonique.com or ecoland.com for cotton pj's, tees, and underwear. They are REALLY PLAIN, and the selection is small, but inexpensive and great for simple pj's and underwear.

Bamboosa.com specializes in bamboo clothing. Very small selection, but it's a GREAT bargain--everything baby ranges from $10-$40.

I personally love Bluecanoe.com. They don't sell baby or kids stuff, but I practically live in their women's line. The fits are perfect every time, and again, not too pricey. I'm rough on clothes--clumsy, so I get stains and rips often--so I don't like to spend too much on daily wear. That said, for the price, these are REALLY durable!! Most dresses are under $100, Shirts are usually $60-80 each, with a couple pricier ones.

Deborah Lindquist is a popular designer. I have a couple of things--cocktail dresses parties and such, but mostly evening wear. She has introduced a casual line now that is more affordable--the Green Queen and Parachute lines. The designs are edgier than most organic clothing, which will be fun if the fit is great, and with shirts in the $50-70 range, I'm looking forward to ordering some.

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