Where can you find reliable teenage or older sitters beyond family?

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Just trying to find a reliable sitter for a couple nights out of the month to have mommy time.


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There are "professional" teen sitters...meaning, they have gone through classes for babysitting, know CPR and other important aspects of watching children. You can try www.sittercity.com (it is free). Really though, word of mouth. Through your church (if you attend one, of course), other mom friends, etc.


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Oh, also wanted to elaborate on the community service portion. OK, so free babysitting actually sounds cool and all, but the 'service' part can be in the form of many things, and the 2 that come to my mind involving kids is tutoring and working with the kids in an athletic capacity. In the past, I've always let my students know that they should be open to daytime babysitting as well. Babysitting does not always have to be in the evening!

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To be more specific at the high school level, request to speak with the National Honor Society sponsor for a few reasons. 1) NHS students are required to perform a certian number of community service hours. Depending onthe NHS chapter, babysitting services may be considered a community service. FREE BABYSITTING! 2) The NHS sponsor can recommend specific honor students who would be better candidates based on their individual skills. For example, you'll want students with experience working with kids the same age as your children. Plus the teacher will know them best. 3) Avoid sending out a blanket request to the ENTIRE local high school-you'll get weirdos replying. TRUST ME! 4) Also consider a male babysitter. It might be out of the norm of the traditional female sitter, but there are some really great guys out there that are just awesome with small kids! 5) Once the teacher has been able to reccommend a studnet, it's really important to be in touch with that student's parent. After teh community service hours are completed, you might find yourself with a great babysitter for future use!

Good luck! Oh, I'm a high school teacher and former honor society sponser!

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Post it at a local highschool, ask for a certain or crtain requirements. Interview them. There is also care.com, but you have to pay money to even look throught the site. It's cool though because they show you everyone in your area and they do background checks.

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