where did you have you childs first birthday party and what was the theme?

Crystal - posted on 02/07/2011 ( 19 moms have responded )




I'm wondering where you moms had your kids first birthday partys and what was the theme you picked? I'm trying to get some ideas on to where i can have my daughters first birthday bash.


Jane - posted on 02/08/2011




We had both of our kids 1st birthday parties at our home with family and friends. No need, in my opinion to have it any other place. By doing it at home, the child doesn't get overwhelmed in any way, can stay on routine and enjoy the whole experience in familiar surroundings.

Jenn - posted on 02/08/2011




It was at our house with just family and a very close friend. The "theme" was - it's your birthday LOL! There was no real theme - they are 1 and have no clue what's going on. I personally think when people go all out for a baby's first birthday it's to suit their own wishes, not for the child. But that's just me.

April - posted on 02/08/2011




We had our daughter's first birthday at an open clubhouse at the park near our house, the theme was Alice in wonderland, very decorative and fun.

Peita - posted on 02/07/2011




We had a party at home with close friends and family!! We have a bbq and some games for the older kids, a 1yo doesn't remember their first birthday and mine even had sleeps during their party! I think the first birthday is more about the parents, and I don't mean that in a bad way, we just remember it more than the kids do!!

Laura - posted on 02/10/2011




First birthday parties are for the adults, not the kids! Babies don't have long-term memories and will not remember the event. The adults will, however! As others have already mentioned, keep the party simple by just inviting close friends and family over for an afternoon. A few balloons and a birthday cake is all you really need. Let kids play and the adults to enjoy socializing. That's it. Parks work really well for these types of get-togethers if you don't have space or a yard. Wait until your child is a bit older before going all out on a party.

PS: My daughter didn't have an actual party until she was 3, and even then it was just so she could play with a few kids. All of her parties have always been at our house, themed and un-themed. The best party she ever had was her 9th birthday--my husband and I took her and 3 friends to see a Shakespeare "opera" at a local university. The girls all loved it as they were studying Shakespeare in school. So parties can get quite creative! Hope this helps and Happy Birthday!


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Kylie - posted on 02/10/2011




We had ours at a park in town, it would have been the backyard but we live in apartments and there's really no good place here. The park was great, there was picnic tables already and a roof thing over them, and a concession stand where we could keep the drinks and cake. There really wasn't a theme, since there was kids of all ages and genders and I couldn't think of one they would all like. I just decorated with colorful balloons and tablecloths and gave out goody bags. It was fun! For a first birthday, my advice is to not put too much into it because you're going to want to keep it short for the little birthday girl. Just keep it simple and have lots of fun!

Elfrieda - posted on 02/08/2011




In our living room. There was no theme, other than that my baby was having a birthday, yay! I made a carrot cake, so that it would be a little healthier for him to eat.

Hannah - posted on 02/08/2011




We had it in the function room of our local pub. No theme, just family and friends, a ball pool, walkers and toys and a bouncy castle for the older kids

Melissa - posted on 02/08/2011




We had the bothour girls first party's at home!! I think it was the best opition we added a jumper and a pinata for all the kids!! They loved it!!!

Karen - posted on 02/08/2011




we just had cake and ice cream at home with grandparents and aunts/uncles

Shavonne - posted on 02/08/2011




I really didnt do to much for my daughtrs 1st birthday. I had ice cream and cake and a few guests, some balloons for the kids and a couple cartoon movies. She fell asleep during the party but the other kids still enjoyed themselves. I say just do something simple but fun :)

Theresa - posted on 02/07/2011




All at Grandma and Grandpa's, child #1 101 Dalmations, #2 Pooh, #3 pink girlie, haven't done #4's yet.

[deleted account]

Our church's playground. Our twins had somewhat of a 'Pooh Bear' theme. My son had no theme. We only had family and close friends (that are LIKE family) there. Huge first birthday parties are the 'norm' where I live, but not for me.

Stifler's - posted on 02/07/2011




At home we just had afternoon tea of fairybread and kabana and cheese and birthday cake :)

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All of our girls had theirs at home. We just had a big family/friend get together and each of the girls had a blast.

[deleted account]

We didn't have a party, we went to the zoo. Took a picnic, the camera and some close family members and had a great day out.

Nichole - posted on 02/07/2011




I had a BBQ at my house for my son. It was spongebob themed. Friends & family were invited.

Jodi - posted on 02/07/2011




At home, a backyard BBQ (for both kids), just family, no real theme. Seriously, it was a great excuse for a get together for the adults :) They both had great cakes though - my son had a chocolate teddy bear cake and my daughter had a number 1 decorated with butterflies and flowers. Lots of great photos of baby's first cake and all that.

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